5 Important Considerations Before Buying Your First Competition Bikini

Posted on: 20 October 2016


When you've spent hours in the gym preparing for your first bikini competition, it's essential that you choose the right suit to make maximum impact on the judges. 

Here are five important considerations when making your choice of competition bikini.

Skin and hair colour

Your skin colour will heavily influence the fabric colour that you choose.  You want your bikini to stand out when you're on stage so it's vital that you pick a shade that contrasts with your skin.  If you decide on a light-coloured fabric, it's best to have darker skin so you may want to go tanning.  If you're blonde, go for a darker colour that will contrast with your hair.


Crystal embellishments are brilliant on stage under the lights.  They add sparkle and can really draw attention to your moves and poses, especially if you choose drops that move when you do.  If your budget doesn't extend to crystals, sequins can be very effective too.

Choosing connectors

When choosing connectors, it's important that you take your physique into account.  If you have really good abductors, choose a smaller connector that won't detract from the muscle you've got to display.  Shorter girls should steer clear of long dangle connectors, which can make legs look shorter.

The back cut

Competition bikinis are cut to emphasise and flatter your butt.  There are different cuts available, depending on how much coverage you want or what is allowed by the competition you're entering.  For a first competition, a moderate cut is usually the best choice.

If you're not quite as lean as you want to be, a high rise front option could be a good idea and suits those with glute measurements of greater than 100 cm.

 It's your choice!

The most important thing is that you choose a competition bikini that you absolutely love!  It's your event, and you should pick something that makes you feel sexy and confident.  By all means discuss the cut and colour with your trainer, but at the end of the day you're the one who's going to take to the stage wearing the suit.

In conclusion

When it comes to your first bikini competition, your suit is important.  Follow the tips given above to help you choose a suit from a place like Fuchsia By Alex that's perfect for you.  For more help, ask the staff in the competition bikini supplier store who will be pleased to help you find the perfect suit for you.