Saving time shopping for suits

Posted on: 18 June 2015


If you are a busy executive it can be hard to find the time to go shopping for new suits, yet wearing shabby or ill fitting suits can send a less than professional impression to colleagues and clients.

Here are some ways to save time on shopping for suits, while still maintaining a sharp appearance.

Adopt a colour theme

While you don't want to look dull, adopting a colour scheme can help you to always co-ordinate your shirts and ties with your suits. It can be easier to decide that you'll stick with dark greys and blues for example, and then all of your ties and shirt fabrics can be matched to blues and greys. If you aren't sure what colours suit you best, hold up different suit fabrics against your skin. Good colour choices should make your skin look healthier and poor ones may make you look dull or sickly.

By co-ordinating your wardrobe colour scheme replacing suits won't need to be a delicate balance of replacing shirts and co-ordinating the purchase of new accessories, as everything should still work together.

Take advice

If you have a friend or colleague who looks great, rather than trying to describe their look in a shop later it's well worth asking them where they buy their suits. They may be more than happy to recommend you a tailor or give you some hints on why their suit looks so good. They may have just modernised their cut, or taken some advice on a new fabric that you could adopt in your suits, and you'll find out more efficiently by just asking than trying to describe the look to a shop assistant.

Take your measurements and get your suits made online

By measuring yourself with a tape measure at home, you can get custom made suits online specifically for your size and shape. This can limit the time and visits required to the tailors for fittings, and the measurements can be kept on file for future suits. Just remember to be honest if your pants are feeling a little tight - a well fitting suit can hide a multitude of sins but a poorly fitting suit may only serve to accentuate any extra weight. It can often help to get someone else to take your measurements for maximum accuracy.

Getting new suits made is a great investment in your professional appearance. Why not spruce up your wardrobe by ordering some new suits today!